Fedex has promised to reach back out to us for further comment once the investigation is complete.

Investigation into Gardner MA Package Drops

Gardner Magazine reached out to Fedex regarding Gardner resident complaints about packages being delivered to incorrect locations in the Chair City and accusations that Fedex refused to pick up the packages once contacted. One resident reported receiving 9 packages, all with different destination addresses on them.

Thanks to the resident who posted the photo on Facebook, we were able to provide one of the tracking numbers shown in the photo. The Fedex spokesman we contacted offered to look in to the matter and put us on hold several times during our interview, presumably to check with superiors on the matter. The spokesman admitted Fedex has received numerous complaints and “Fedex is investigating what happened.” As to whether the driver will be terminated, “Can’t give an answer.” The spokesman was also asked why Fedex does not pick up packages in a timely manner once notified and replied that it was due to package volume.