The Report on the Gardner MA Police Department is expected at any time. Details as soon as they are available.

Gardner MA Police Report Soon To Be Released

The Gardner MA Community is eagerly awaiting the report on the Gardner Police Department Investigation and Review which could be released at almost any time.     Police Chief Richard Braks and Deputy Chief James Trifiro have been out on paid Administative leave for about two months.     Gardner utilized Acting Chief Vincent Alfano until March 11th when two Gardner Police Lieutenants were then tasked to temporarily run the Department.  

Retired State Police Detective Paul L’Italien conducted an external review, including interviewing all members of the Gardner Police Department.   According to previous statements by Mayor Michael Nicholson, these interviews were completed weeks ago.   Procedure would be for a report to be reviewed by the City Solicitor prior to being released to the public.   It is unknown whether the released report will contain any redactions.   However, once it is public record it will answer many of the public’s questions including Who’s the Chief?

Braks and Trifiro were placed on leave following votes of no confidence by four Gardner Police Unions who voted no confidence 41-1.  Gardner Dispatch Director Jennifer Law who was also the subject of the no-confidence vote left her job voluntarily following the vote.   At this time, no information has been released indicating the reason for the overwhelming vote of no confidence.