Gardner MA City Council meetking 3-21-22

Meeting on 3-21-22 was routine with various items unanimously approved for second printing. Watch the meeting on YouTube or on our City Council meeting page. CLICK HERE.

Gardner MA Council President Kazinskas Rescues Meeting Timing with cellular phone

Council President with phone
Council President Kazinskas keeping time with phone.

There was a prolonged delay at the beginning of the Gardner MA City Council video. The Council President advised that the clock in the City Council Chambers needed its battery replaced. Phone used as timekeeper.

And Compliments Were Made

Under new business, Councilors made compliments: Dana Heath complimented the Mayor on the sale of various buildings downtown. “that’s huge.” James Boone echoed Dana Health’s comments “about us being able to hopefully improve downtown by getting some responsible owners….that’s just absolutely wonderful, congratulations on that.” Previous story, CLICK HERE.

Nathan Boudreau,,”incredibly impressed with Public Welfare Committee’s tour of the Senior Center a couple of weeks ago….It’s a great place for the Senior community,..there’s a lot going on.”