In the meantime, the Gardner Board of Health had taken no action as of end of yesterday’s meeting to assure that the resident has appropriate heat. Options such as putting the tenant up at a hotel and billing the owner were discussed, but not voted on at the meeting. The Board was going to seek guidance from the City Solicitor on the entire matter. Watch the Meeting, CLICK HERE

We’ll update you on this story as more information becomes available.

Eldorado Properties LLC information from the Open Corporates database, CLICK HERE.

Complete Gardner Property Record Card, CLICK HERE

Board of Health Meeting in Gardner MA Real Life Detective Story

The Gardner Board of Health met on January 24, 2022 and took up the matter of alleged violations at 35 Graham Street, Gardner, Unit 1. According to Rick Rossi, a comprehensive inspection revealed heat not coming up, no working smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, and various other needed repairs. He also stated that the Fire Department and Building Department had concerns. and are either in contact or would be in contact with the property owner.

Here’s the problem:

During the meeting, the Board took a call from a man claiming to be the brother of a woman who manages an LLC listed as the owner of the property. He claims that a previous recorded owner, the Patricca Trust, is still collecting rents and is asserting ownership rights. Therefore, he says, the current listed owner, Eldorado Canyon Properties LLC is reluctant to do anything without some clarification from the housing court. Board members stated that as the legally recorded owner, he could have someone make necessary repairs with a police escort if needed. The man on the phone said he’d need to talk with his sister and would talk to Rick Rossi today. We don’t know if anything developed.

It’s gets weirder from here

Property was purchased by the Lawrence & Leonard Petricca Trust in 1985 for $90,000. Records show it was sold to Graham Trust in 1990 for 10 dollars, again in 1997 to R A Realty Trust for 10 dollars, and to the current recorded owners, Eldorado Canyon Properties LLC on 11/13/2020 for one hundred dollars. Also interesting: The Record card shows 35-39 Graham Street and shows 2 buildings on the property. The assessment for this property recently purchased for 100 bucks: $315,000.