Quoting from the company website, Tim Slocum says,This company is faith-based regarding the way we do business.  The core values of honesty, integrity and selfless service are what we are committed to.  We are dedicated to the basic principle of doing our best on every contract.  I believe that a satisfied client will be my partner in helping to grow T. Slocum Incorporated.”

Quoting from Monique Connor, “Growth is always good, especially in the right percentages of what is needed in the community.”

Eco-Friendly Winter Company Coming to Gardner

If all goes well at a Gardner Planning Board Public Review Meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 7pm, Slocum Inc. of Ashburnham will be well on its way towards building six commercial buildings to be located off Matthews Street in Gardner. According to Slocum Business Manager Monique Connor, each of the buildings will be approximately 124 feet by 61 feet and feature big bays suitable for commercial companies who need storage for large equipment or would like to open offices. Construction would begin after all approvals are obtained and progress would depend on weather. Slocum plans to use one building as their office and training area.

Slocum is known in the area as a contractor specializing in the winter management of snow and ice. With all the complex chemistry involved in the eco-friendly management of roads and parking lots, Slocum is proud to make their own brine which includes rock salt and a non-corrosive additive, so salting is less harmful to equipment. The company is also a distributor for winter-related products which are eco-friendly. The company has a comprehensive website for more information. CLICK HERE.