Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – Should You Be Concerned?

The concerns about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) go back decades. And we are exposed to it every day.

Whether it’s when we hear prompts when refilling prescriptions or experience an interactive voicemail system staffed with an A.I., we are exposed to it. Some of us use Alexa devices which launch audio, video, or even turn on an outlet with the sound of our voice. So, I decided to try an experiment. Could I create a sixty second commercial for Gardner Magazine using only Artificial Intelligence voices. The answer is yes. You can listen to the result below. Just press the play button.

Gardner Magazine Sixty second radio ad using only A.I. voices

My example at left was produced in a relatively simple studio using readily available A.I. voices online.

Gardner Magazine Sixty second radio ad using upgraded A.I. voices

This second example was produced using upgraded A.I. voices from a premium service. GIve it a listen!

If I were to pay a premium price, I could get continuing access to premium voices which are at the top of the AI spectrum and sound almost identical to human voices. The concern about A.I. is that bad actors could hide behind A.I. voices in doing bad things. And, there’s concern about computer manipulation of video called “Deep Fakes” which could possibly make innocent people look like they did something wrong. Yes, I think there is reason to be concerned and vigilant about any technology this powerful.