It was a time to celebrate what is genuinely Gardner on the beautiful day of September 15, 2022

This is our regular feature, “Genuine Gardner.” What is special about the Chair City.

42 52 Parker Street 9 15 22 Closeup flag
U.S. Flag of Respect at 42-52 Parker Street, Gardner

Patriotism is Genuine Gardner

Work continued at 42-52 Parker Street, but only the eagle eye would spot the United States flag on the building.

Undoubtedly, the owner put it there out of a sense of respect, not knowing it would be noticed. But it was. And it is this sense of goodness which is Genuine Gardner. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Gardner Elementary School 9 15 22
Gardner Elementary School 9-15-22

Education is Genuine Gardner

The pristine and majestic new Gardner Elementary School stood as a testament to Gardner’s bright future. This hall of learning welcomed students on September 15, 2022 and is Genuine Gardner.

Monument Park Gardner MA 9 15 22
Monument Park 9-15-22

Monument Park

Monument Park was utilized over the summer for concerts enjoyed by many. In fact, it was a summer with no Saturday rain outs. On this day, Monument Park was a source of information from the Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center.

Supporting our veterans is also Genuine Gardner.

Chair Parker and West Lynde Street 9 15 22
The Chair sign Downtown Gardner MA

Embracing Gardner’s Heritage

The Chair was hardly noticed by most who passed it by. But this Chair in the sign at Parker Street and West Lynde Street serves to illustrate the wonderful heritage of furniture making which has graced Gardner MA over the course of time.

This heritage is Genuine Gardner.

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Levi Heywood Memorial Library 9 15 22
Levi-Heywood Memorial Library

Learning and Knowledge is Genuine Gardner

Serving those who thirst for knowledge was the Levi-Heywood Memorial Library, also proudly displaying the Star Spangled Banner.

This wonderful repository of culture and learning is Genuine Gardner.

Man with Transit at Future Maki Park 9 15 22
Transit Man

The new Maki Park will be using a terraced approach due to the slope of the terrain. It is expected to be a beautiful addition to Downtown Gardner.

The Start of Maki Park

The Transit Man and his fellow Surveyor became part of the cycle of Gardner MA History on September 15, 2022 as they marked off part of the future Maki Park on Parker Street. It will be another way for Gardner to be a great place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit.

Surveyor at Future Maki Park 9 15 22
Surveying Future Maki Park
Crystal Lake large group of ducks 9 15 22
The Happy Ducks of Crystal Lake

Nature is Genuine Gardner

While everyone in Gardner did their thing, the creatures of Crystal Lake enjoyed a beautiful day quacking about.

Yes, even the ducks of Crystal Lake are Genuine Gardner.

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Paramount Cafe 9 15 22
Paramount Cafe

Paramount Cafe 46 Main Street, Gardner MA

Launched in the 30s about a decade after Gardner became a City, the Paramount Cafe is Genuine Gardner.

With a 4.5 and 55 reviews on Google, customers generally love the place. Some comments, “Been going to this place for over 40 years…”, “…great grill cook and friendly server, this is your place.”, “Small Town diner with hearty meals at reasonable prices.”, “…good old fashioned breakfast and lunches”, “Real old school diner good food great prices”, “We go here almost once a week”, “First cafe in town to open up shop each morning, 5AM”, “Great classic diner food”, “The best place for breakfast and lunch”. The building housing Paramount Cafe is part of the 46-54 Main Street parcel and has been owned by Local 154 UFWA AFL CIO since 1977.

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