Gardner MA Facebook Group Moderator Pauly Potato Spreading Fake News

An Editorial by Gardner Magazine Publisher Werner Poegel – There are a number of very healthy Facebook Groups serving the Greater Gardner MA area. Most Admins make an effort to foster respectful speech and do not knowingly pass along false information. However, Pauly Potato is the exception. In his group, rather than simply moderating discussions among group members, the admin openly attacks political candidates and officials he doesn’t like, often taking portions of news items and twisting them into falsehoods. The result: people are getting FAKE NEWS.

On Transparency

For example, the Mayor was criticized for lack of transparency when Gardner MA has earned the reputation of being a model of municipal transparency: winning an award for its projects map, getting a perfect audit for 2021, and having one of only a handful of Mayors in the nation who do a regular Weekly update. CASE CLOSED, on this subject Pauly Potato, you spread FAKE NEWS.

On Paving of the Roads

DPW has been criticized for its lack of paving roads when the truth is it would take more than 1 ½ times the entire City budget for the year to pave all the roads. CASE CLOSED, on this subject Pauly Potato, you spread FAKE NEWS.

On Ovila Case Playground

There has also been criticism of the lack of maintenance of Ovila Case Playground. Actually, the City has invested the most money there in the last two years, adding basketball courts and a walking trail in May of 2021 and new picnic tables/charcoal grills in July of 2021. The electric system and lights are currently being upgraded. Around $115,000 in new equipment was added to the location from various funding to replace the deteriorating wood structures. Once free cash is certified by the Department of Revenue, additional expenditures on Ovila Case are planned. So the DPW, The Mayor, and the City are paying attention to Ovila Case. CASE CLOSED, on this subject, Pauly Potato, you spread FAKE NEWS.

On the Proposed Sale of Two Schools

Now, the last example today is an especially misleading example of FAKE NEWS by Pauly Potato: The sale of Prospect Street School and School Street School. Prospect Street appraises at $295,000, but would need substantial investment for use other than a school, so the Mayor’s request is to set a minimum price of $100,000 for it. School Street School is a real nightmare, with an appraisal that ran into negative numbers. Therefore, a request to start bids at $1. In both cases. getting the properties back on the tax rolls would be to the advantage of the City. Is it a bad thing that Mayor Nicholson is actually taking his fiduciary responsibility seriously and thinking of the taxpayers? We think not. Once more, Pauly Potato, CASE CLOSED, on this subject Pauly Potato, you spread FAKE NEWS.


While the City of Gardner is very lucky right now to have responsible officials in all facets of its government, we urge any citizen with questions about what any public official is proposing to simply ask for more information. Gardner MA is rare in its transparency with the City Council Agenda and Council packet made public before meetings, with meetings made public on YouTube, and of course Gardner Magazine makes most major meetings and Mayor’s Update available in AUDIO format, easily playable on any device. And, you can always seek an appointment with the Mayor. But, whatever you do, don’t take Pauly Potato’s word for it – Your brain will end up like french fries in a paper bag, SOGGY. And Pauly Potato, you have been mashed.