Central Street to Downtown Gardner MA
Vibrant Downtown Gardner MA

Publisher’s Editorial – Downtown Gardner MA Showing Vibrancy

With all of the positive improvements in Downtown Gardner, it’s no wonder there’s renewed enthusiasm.

Downtown Gardner MA is truly a special place, about to begin a period of renewed vitality.

Here’s what I think needs to happen going forward:

1. Efforts should continue to spearhead rehab efforts where ever they are needed. No detail should be overlooked. —- 2. Gardner Square Two should get in the habit of listing its events with at least minimal details at least one year out. —- 3. Downtown Merchants need to get behind the newly revitalized Gardner Square Two. They are now ready for action and need your support. The best way to do that is to become an active member if you have a business. If you’re an individual Gardner citizen, show your pride in Downtown by getting an individual membership. —- 4. We should make a big deal out of this Christmas season. As Gardner became a City in 1923, this Christmas 2022 is Gardner’s 100th Christmas as a City. —- 5. Efforts should continue to fill up available storefronts. There are so many monetary incentives in place, you’d have to find a reason not to open a store or other business location in Downtown Gardner. —- 6. Downtown Gardner. This is the year its greatness really starts to take off again!