Construction entrance new Gardner Elementary School
Construction Entrance near High School
Pearl Street Construction Entrance

Gardner MA NEW Gardner Elementary School Construction Continues – Deadline Missed

There’s no official word on whether the continued construction delay will further delay the opening of Gardner Public Schools, but Gardner Mayor Nicholson on Saturday August 13, 2022 was still quoting the previously stated timeline. In an email to the Gardner School Committee on August 1, 2022,. SEE ARTICLE. , Gardner Superintendent of Schools Mark Pellegrino stated that Bacon Construction “will need two more weeks to finish the project. I have been assured that it will ONLY BE TWO WEEKS.” Email PDF That assurance was in a scheduled check-in meeting on Friday July 29th. With the construction signs still up at the entrances, the work continues in what will now be week 3.

A closeup photo taken with a zoom lens shows an active construction site still exists at the new Gardner Elementary School. According to the Superintendent’s email to the School Committee on 8/1/22, ”  1. The elementary school will be delayed two weeks (8 school days) with a new start date of 9/15 for grades 1-4, 9/15 for kindergarten, and 9/19 for preschool. (All of these dates are two weeks later.  I will be requesting a waiver for 4 of the 8 days. 2. The middle school, high school and Gardner Academy will only be starting one week late (9/6).” In letter to parents, start date for grade 1-4 is 9/12. See letter.

It is unclear what duration of further construction delay it will take to precipitate a further delay in school start times. Two storage containers sit outside the construction entrance. Pearl Street has been paved and lined and awaits the traffic of school opening.

storage containers near new Gardner Elementary School
Storage Containers at Construction Entrance to new Gardner Elementary School

Exterior Photo Gallery of School 8/10/22. CLICK HERE.

Paving near Gardner Elementary School entrance, Pearl Street, Gardner