Gardner Magazine was first established as August, 4, 2000.

Gardner Magazine Circulation at All time High in Gardner MA

In the first 23 days of July, Gardner Magazine eclipsed its Unique Households record achieved in June 2022 which was 14,000 unique households.   We will report this month’s total when the month is concluded.  We also report that our readers like to use the new AUDIO features.  Total downloads so far in July up to July 23, 2022 are: Mayor Nicholson Projects Interview – 2,586 —- Weekly Mayor’s Update July 15, 2022: 1,241 —- Gardner Zoning Board of Appeals July 19, 2022: 229 —- Weekly Mayor’s Update July 22, 2022: 632 —- City Council Meeting July 5, 2022: 30 —-Many early Mayor’s updates have gotten 20 or more downloads.    We have separate pages of  AUDIO for Mayor’s Updates, City Council Meetings, School Committee Meetings, and Special Events.