Ryan Building Gardner MA
Ryan Building Parker Street, Gardner MA
As promised, Dangerous Plate Glass Windows are gone

In 36 Hrs., Lorden Keeps Promise of Removing Dangerous Plate Glass

At a Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing on July 19, 2022, Gary Lorden of Mass. Ave. Realty stated he noticed the dangerous plate glass on the 2nd floor of the building on Parker Street and vowed to get rid of the hazard ASAP.    Not 36 hours, later, it’s gone and already safely out of the way.   Gardner Magazine spoke with Lorden’s 25 year old son shortly before noon on July 21, 2022 and he was all smiles with enthusiasm for the project.  When asked about the glass, he said, “We took it out this morning and it’s already in the dumpster.”   

We inquired of City Hall regarding this and Mayor Nicholson released this quote, “I’m excited to see the ongoing construction on the Ryan Building and eager to see how it will improve the look of our City.”

Rear of Building showing much work needing to be done
Rear of Building
Rear showing future parking lot

UPDATE July 22, 2022: Mayor Nicholson released photos of the construction work (shown below) on Social Media and stated, “Approximately 8 buildings in the downtown have changed owners in the last 6-12 months- closer to 12 new owners by the end of the year. This opens up opportunities for 34 storefronts, 40 office/commercial spaces, and approximately existing 100 housing units (not including the 30 new ones in these buildings) to be renovated and bring new life to the area.”