Greenwood Pool getting ready to open July 20, 2022

Staying Cool in Greater Gardner MA

In Massachusetts, a “heat wave” is defined as a period of 3 or more consecutive days above 90 degrees.  And it looks like from now through the weekend we’ll be close to or over 90.   People at greatest risk for heat-related illnesses include older adults, young children, those who are sick or overweight.. Forecast for Gardner now 90 and above for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday the week of July 18, 2022.

Stay Safe in the Heat

What you can do:  Use an air conditioner and insulate around it if needed.  Cover windows that get sun.  Never leave children or pets alone in a closed vehicle or even with the windows cracked open.  They can DIE in just a few minutes.  Drink plenty of water.  Stay indoors and keep pets indoors.    Go out when it’s cooler.  Tips, visit this site.  CLICK HERE. — Greater Gardner Weather Center. CLICK HERE

Get Cool in the Pool!

The Greenwood Pool in Gardner MA is one choice when you want to cool off. Here’s more information from the City of Gardner on hours and more. CLICK HERE.