Gary Lorden shows front of building 42-50 and 52 Parker Street, Gardner.
Gary Lorden of Mass. Ave. Realty shows Artist Rendering of front of building 42-50 and 52 Parker Street, Gardner
Roland Jean, Trevor Beauregard
Roland Jean, foreground and Trevor Beauregard, standing spoke in support
Rear view Parker Street
Gary Lorden shows Rear of Building view
Gardner MA Zoning Board of Appeals
Gardner Zoning Board of Appeals

Beautiful Building Coming to Downtown Gardner MA and an offer of up to 2 Years FREE Retail Rent at another.


In September of last year, the City of Gardner was notified that it would be awarded $900,000 from the Underutilized Property Grant Program for 42-50 and 52 Parker Street.  This was made public at the end of November.   Mass Ave. Realty was awarded the sale and provided a full plan to renovate both buildings on Parker Street commonly known as the Ryan Block and Temptations.   They are also required to put in $4.2 million dollars of their own money into the project, which Gary Lorden stated at Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting on July 19, 2022,  they would be amortizing over 30 years to make the math work out.

Gary Lorden Impressed with City of Gardner

At the hearing on July 19th, Lorden indicated that upon Zoning Board of Appeals approval of his plan, the construction would take one year.   He related how he originally got involved in Gardner with the Goodnow Pearson’s Building project, praising former Mayor Hawke and Planner Bob Hubbard for their welcoming style.  He also stated Trevor Beauregard and Mayor Nicholson are great to work with:  “did this project not because of economics, but because it’ll mean something.” Building Commissioner Roland Jean and Gardner Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Trevor Beauregard spoke in favor of the project.   A 6 page joint letter of support was submitted by Mayor Nicholson/Council President Kazinskas.

Board to Make Site Visit

Lorden spoke of the various quality materials to be used in the building and was very clear he wanted the building to look good describing the various construction proposed in detail.   The Board will make a site visit, keep the public hearing open, and may grant approval at its next meeting on August 16th.

Lorden also made it clear that his previous Gardner investment, the Goodnow Pearson’s Building has not been a huge moneymaker for him.  He stated that he has a completely refurbished spot suitable for retail or a restaurant which has remained vacant since the building was renovated.  However, during his time speaking before the Board, Lorden praised all of the positive projects the City of Gardner is undertaking, even mentioning how good the sidewalks look. 

Listen by pressing Play button above: Zoning Board of Appeals July 19, 2022

Generous FREE Retail Rent Offer

Gary Lorden of Mass. Ave. Realty made a very generous public offer regarding the open spot in the Goodnow Pearson Building: 1 year FREE rent for a retail establishment or 2 years FREE rent for a restaurant.  Watch the complete meeting on YouTube. CLICK HERE.