Gardner MA Food Truck Festival Just Got Sweeter

Colin Smith, Coordinator of this year’s Gardner Food Truck Festival has confirmed that both hugely popular Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Clyde’s Cupcakes will be coming. This brings the total number of trucks to 25 Updated Food Truck Festival Brochure (HD – 8mb) Update Food Truck Brochure (Light – 1mb)

Food Truck Map and Restroom Locations

Food Trucks will be lined up on Pleasant Street and City Hall Avenue with convenient Restroom locations at 3 different locations. (see green R at left)

Truck number 25 is noted as Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream which is very convenient because it’s right next to the new Outdoor Dining area with tables and seating.

The Alcohol Service Area is noted with a big A at left.

See previous article Food Trucks are becoming very popular in the United States.  In 2012, there were 9705 food trucks.  By 2022, there were 35,512.  Source: Zippia