Highest gas price at $5.099
gas 4.899

Gardner MA Gas Prices Cross $5 threshold on Sunday 6-5-22

With the highest posted price in Gardner MA being $509.9 per gallon for a credit sale, most prices were at or near the $5.00 mark. The least expensive gas at the 2 o’clock hour on Sunday, June 5, 2022 was the Shell gas station at the corner of West Street in Gardner with a price of $4.899.

Gas prices have been steeply rising across Massachusetts. Prices elsewhere in states such as California are markedly higher with many stations at $8 and one at the $10 mark per gallon.

Gas Map

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Nouris Shell Gardner ma
Nouria Shell near McDonald’s – 15 cents higher
regular gas at 5.049
Huhtala Shell Gardner MA
The Huhtala Shell at the corner of West Street in Gardner had the lowest gas price on Sunday June 5, 2022
Gas price $497.9
Gas price $497.9
Gas price $497.9
Gas price $504.9