Plants at Heywood Hospital

Gardner MA Heywood Hospital Limits Plant Growth During Construction Through Signage

In signage seemingly directed towards these beautiful blooming plants at Heywood Hospital, speed of growth is limited to 5 miles per hour. Just in case, vehicles are advised to slow down as well during construction. The periodic explosions heard throughout the day don’t seem to have affected these plants at all, although occasional announcements are made on the Hospital-wide PA system when explosives are used.

Heywood Hospital has been undergoing construction and now anticipates its new upcoming Surgical Pavillion to replace the current surgical area which was built over 50 years ago.

Construction at Heywood Hospital

Construction is ongoing at Heywood Hospital. Construction crews have encountered sections of bedrock and precise explosives have been used.

Construction at Heywood Hospital

After construction, the Surgical Pavilion will contain 6 operating rooms, 2 minor procedure rooms, 2 endoscopy rooms, and other areas. Projected cost of project to be completed by 2023 is over $30 million.