4 white cars at Pulaski Park
5 white cars at Pulaski Park
5 white vehicles in a row at Pulaski Park – What are the mathematical chances of this happening again?

Spontaneous Gardner MA Car Hatching or Mathematical Anomaly?

A curious scene at Pulaski Park in Gardner on May 26, 2022.   4 White vehicles seemingly appeared out of nowhere near the Basketball Courts.  And then a 5th one!   Did they spontaneously hatch in some universe-correcting miracle?  Or was it simply a random event with mathematical implications?    We believe it was just a random event, but read below about something else very curious that day.  

According to facts we can find, 24% of cars on the road are white. The odds of 5 of them parked in a row at one time is calculated to be 8 out of 10,000.


Herbie the Dog at the Dog Park

One of the dogs at the park who witnessed these vehicles was named “Herbie”.   Remember, Herbie the Love Bug from the Disney movies? – the living car! Here’s an article about Herbie the Love Bug.   It just goes to show that if you look hard enough and have a big enough imagination, you can always find something of wonder in the Chair City of Gardner MA. 

Business Hatch in Gardner MA
Business Hatching in Gardner MA

Hatching Cars. Probably Not.

But, NEW businesses are hatching on a regular basis in the City of Gardner MA.

5 white sedans and 1 white service truck

Another Math Anomaly?

And then, the math mold was broken again. Just as we were about to leave the Dog Park, a white service vehicle pulled in between the other 5 white vehicles. What are the odds of that happening at exactly that moment?