Center of Gardner MA 100 years ago
Center of Gardner 100 years ago
Main Street, Gardner mid to late 20th century
Main Street Gardner Mid 20th Century
Main Street Gardner MA 2020s
Main Street Gardner MA in the 2020’s
Gardner MA Circa 2200s
Gardner MA Circa 2200s

Fictional Time Traveler Journeys to Gardner MA Past and Future

1900: Our time traveler is on a mission to find the perfect time in Downtown Gardner, Massachusetts. Journeying incognito to the Center of Gardner 100 years ago, he finds commerce in full swing. Some of the buildings exist to this day, some have been replaced.

1950/60: Turning the crank of his time machine, our Time Traveler finds himself viewing a Gardner police officer directing traffic over 60 years ago, near the intersection people have been fussing about. Traffic existed then as it does now, but ideas of how to handle it have evolved and changed over time. Notice a thriving business district in Downtown Gardner.

2020s: Our Time Traveler journeys to present day and finds an attractive Downtown Gardner MA with a different traffic pattern and different businesses. The future of Gardner MA is only limited by the imagination and fortitude of its residents, community leaders, and government officials. With the recent progress made and additional projects announced, who knows what the future could hold for Gardner MA.

2200: Our Time Traveler ends up in the year 2200. History shows that a forwarding-looking Gardner Mayor, City Council, and Business Community in 2022 continued to foster a period of positive growth in the Chair City. By the way, it is said that in the year 2200, Gardner MA is once again the undisputed Furniture Capital of the World.

Residents of Gardner MA have every reason to believe the future of the Chair City is going to be bright as the community works together.