Gardner MA Finance Committee 4-13-22
Mayor Michael Nicholson. who just returned from Washington D.C. is masked at Finance Committee meeting.
The price of asphalt has soared,, requiring more money for previously approved Gardner MA paving projects.


Who’s at fault? ASPHALT.

Gardner MA Finance Committee Confronts Asphalt at 4-13-22 Meeting

The Gardner MA Finance Committee met on Wednesday 4-13-22 and approved various recommendations  to the City Council including $10,000 in additional funding for Downtown trash receptables due to price increases, the $75,000 annual amount to maintain the former dump, and $1.8 million in additional paving costs for various streets where water lines were recently replaced.   Asphalt is now at a high of $83 per ton.  Nationally it has ranged from just over $30 almost 20 years ago to about $70 in 2015, down to about $60 in 2016, and more recently about $65 per ton.   Watch the meeting on YouTube.  CLICK HERE.