Gardner MA Residents Love Their Coffee

Whether it’s making coffee at home, getting coffee to go, or drinking coffee at an area establishment, each has their own opinion. 

We asked the following on  Gardner, MA, What’s going on Facebook page, “So many in Gardner LOVE Coffee. My question is: Where do you get your best cup of coffee in Gardner? I will put all of your positive comments in an article on Gardner Magazine. Let’s showcase another great part of the Chair City.” Here are the comments:

“Home but otherwise dunkins.” – “I was just gonna say my kitchen LOL” – “Starbucks! Love their lattes!!” – “Café Edesia, Dunkin, Starbucks…all good” – “The new Starbucks is great! Coffee is amazing, inviting space, and cheerful staff!” – “Cumberland Farms. You make it the way you like it and it’s only a $1.” – “Home or dunkins” – “Dunkin’s” – “Home” – “Starbucks” – “The Dunkins…” – “My own!! Grind the beans and slow drip…” “Happy Trails on Parker St. also sells bags of their coffee. I can’t drive so I do the next next thing.” “Cumberland Farms. Exactly how you want it for $1.” “Our kitchen it’s perfect everytime” “Cup of Hope, they serve Dean’s Beans. My favorite  and I love that it supports something good.”- “29 pleasant St. Gardner ” – “Home and Starbucks. Coffee is always made correctly, and is great, staff is excellent, and friendly!!” We’ll keep adding comments as they come in.