Cloud Hanging over Stop and Buy in Gardner MA

The Gardner Board of Health met at length on 3-28-22 regarding repeated violations of the food code at Stop and Buy, 56 Union Square Gardner. Specifically, inspections going back 5 years have revealed expired food at every inspection. Watch meeting on YouTube

Inspector Rick Rossi said he told manager. “next time I come here, I don’t want to find anything expired.” And then he picked up a random item and it was expired. Board of Health Director Lauren Saunders suggested that the store license be suspended if further violations occur. Some inspections have found over 20 expired food items.

Not the only problem at the location

The attorney for the business owner indicated, “client was in a tough business, and he’s also been hammered by the pandemic.”  Members of the Board did not find this a valid excuse for expired food, especially since it has been a problem at every inspection over past 6 years. Other problems at the location included a clogged sink, a 3 bay sinking leaking at a drain, a leaking roof, and Honey Buns not labeled for individual sale were being sold separately without any date code. The attorney for the landlord stated that according to a lease, the tenant is responsible for repairing the roof. Board member Geoffrey Tobia indicated there’s “not much tolerance for any further violations.” The Board voted to wait until after Thursday 3/31 when a plumber is supposedly scheduled for do repairs. “Mr. Rossi will go in and reinspect regarding hot water and sink and the plumbing in the 3 bay sink area and any food expiration dates.  As far as the roof, attorney for business and landlord will discuss and have some sort of agreement or plan within 2 weeks to get back to Board of Health”

Property is on the Market

In a surprising revelation considering the property’s condition, it was noted that the property is on the market for $1 million. See the listing here.