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Gardner MA Projects

With Spring here, Gardner is eagerly awaiting more information on various projects currently showing “Information on Project Coming Soon!” including: Sampled 175 Stormwater Outfalls, Keyes Road Culvert Replacement, 2020-2022 Water Main Replacement and Paving Project, Downtown Table and Chairs, Rome Square Development, Seaman Paper/Garlock Commercial Expansion, Chelsea Summer Bridge, Wayside Pond Dam Design, and others…. It’s going to be a busy Spring in Gardner MA!

Other Projects in the works include:

New Community Health Center

New Community Health Center

For more details, CLICK HERE

Park Street Park and Parking Lot

Park St. Park and Parking Lot

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Timpany Crossroads

The Timpany Crossroads Construction project has already produced the new 99 Restaurant and the new Starbucks, with more storefronts coming soon. For more details, CLICK HERE.