Blue Moon Diner Gardner MA

Meals are still being served every day at this Gardner MA Historic Landmark.

Blue Moon Diner News in Gardner MA

Blue Moon under agreement: The Blue Moon Diner property was listed for sale at a price of $300,000 in October 2021 by owner Jamie Brouillet who has owned it since buying it on July 13, 2000 from Dennis P. Scipione for $100,000.

In an announcement of the sale of two other properties, Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson related that the Blue Moon was “under agreement.” It was also stated that it was expected the diner would continue operations. This is especially likely considering the Blue Moon’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places as “Miss Toy Town Diner.”

Blue Moon interior from public real estate listing.

Blue Moon Facts

The Blue Moon Diner was built in 1949 by the Worcester Lunch Car Company.   Originally located in Winchendon and called the Miss Toy Town Diner, it was moved to Gardner in 1954 and became known as the Blue Moon.  

The Blue Moon Diner has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2003, with the historic names of Miss Toy Town Diner – Blue Moon Diner and the common names of Bernier’s Diner – Skip’s Blue Moon Diner.    Map to Diner.  Here is the link to the historical building detail from the Massachusetts Historical Commission. CLICK HERE. Gardner Property Record Card. CLICK HERE. Wikipedia Article, CLICK HERE. Google search including customer reviews, CLICK HERE.

Historic Places in Gardner MA and the Nation

Historic Places listed in Gardner include: Miss Toy Town Diner, First Minister’s House, Gardner News Building, Levi Heywood Memorial Library Building, Jabez Partridge Homestead, F.W. Smith Silver Company, Lake Street Fire Station, Elm Street Fire Station, Garbose Building, Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex, West Gardner Square Historic District, and Gardner Uptown Historic District. We have obtained a complete list of the almost 100,000 historic places on the list in the entire country and you can download it. CLICK HERE