Spring’s Coming for Projects in Greater Gardner MA

With Spring just a couple weeks away on Sunday March 20, 2022, construction companies are once again getting ready to work on Chair City projects.   Just what are those upcoming projects?  The City of Gardner’s interactive Map of City Projects (which won a Municipal Award recently, CLICK HERE)  is very helpful in this regard. 

A Number of Interactive Maps  

Gardner has a number of highly useful map resources including the Assessor Parcel Viewer, Map of City Projects; Parks, Open Space & Trails, Playgrounds & Recreation, and Zoning Map.

Assessor Parcel Viewer
Assessor Parcel Viewer, CLICK HERE

Assessor Parcels

Zoom in or out, look up a particular address. Explore advanced functions. CLICK HERE.

City Hall Parcel
City Hall Parcel
Parks, Open Space & Trails, CLICK HERE

Parks, Open Space, & Trails

This section welcomes you to an overview of the City of Gardner’s open space areas including hiking trails and scenic picnic areas.

Described in detail are the Alisauskas Conservaton Area off Howard Street, Baily Brook Conservation Area & Park, Cowee Pond Open Space, Crystal Lake Park, Dunn Pond State Park, High Ridge Wildlife Area, Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary, Monument Park, North Central Pathway, Perley Brook Reservoir, and Rome Conservation Area. CLICK HERE

Playgrounds & Recreation, CLICK HERE

Playgrounds and Recreation

This section welcomes you to an overview of the City of Gardner’s playground features and recreation area.

Described in detail are Jackson Playground and Skatepark, Bickford Playground, Pulaski Playground and Dog Park, Greenwood Park and Playground, Ovila Case Playground, Greenwood Outdoor Pool & Spray Park, Muncipal Golf Course and Driving Range, DCR Gardner Veterans Skating Rink, North Central Pathway, Dunn Pond State Park, and Monument Park. CLICK HERE

Zoning Map
Zoning Map, CLICK HERE

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map shows the various Commercial, Industrial, and Residential areas in the City of Gardner MA.

The Map is Interactive and has a number of overlay options. CLICK HERE