Unfortunately during the past couple of years, so much around the subject of Covid has become political when it really should simply be about health.   Advocates for masks, vaccines, social distancing, and lockdowns have over sold their wares, with the result being a less-informed, often confused, and sometimes angry public.   Our GardnerMagazine.com article on the Real Risk of Dying from Covid attempts to deliver truthful data to you and has several important conclusions: For that article, CLICK HERE.

  1. Getting a vaccine reduces your chances of getting Covid by a lot.   And if you get the disease, the most protected are those with a booster dose.  Bottom line: The infinitesimal risk of vaccine side effects are not a good reason to avoid getting the vaccine as the statistics prove vaccinated people are much more likely to survive Covid-19.  Any questions, ask your doctor.
  2. Masks are helpful in reducing viral transmission, but there’s so much more to it.  Our article includes an 11 page PDF going into great detail about the math and science of droplet transmission.
  3. The simple act of washing your hands reduces your risk of contracting Covid and other contagious diseases.
  4. Knowing that vaccines are not perfect and you still have a chance of getting the virus, and knowing that masks are definitely not perfect, you reduce your risk of Covid exposure by simply not being around a lot of people.  For some of us, this is possible.  For others, it would require avoiding life, which has its own risk of consequences from the dangers of isolation.
  5. This pandemic has taught us a very important lesson:  If you are sick with anything such as a common cold or the flu, staying away from people is a great kindness on your part.  Each person you don’t infect can’t infect someone else.    We used to praise people for having a 100% attendance record at work.  If you truly weren’t sick, that’s great. But if you were, you probably cost your employer quite a bit of money from the other workers who got sick, but didn’t have as strong an immune system and so absolutely had to stay home for work.   Common sense should apply in each individual circumstance.  And now we know, if you have a cold or flu, but still have to shop at the grocery store, wear a mask as an act of kindness to someone else.