Increasing Fees a HUGE MISTAKE

Dear Mayor Nicholson,      A while back I wrote an article on efficient Gardner City government when I confirmed with the City Clerk that the December 2013 posted City fees were still in effect.   Today, I’m objectively reporting on the City Council’s plans to bring Gardner’s Fire and Building fees up to that of area communities.      However, I can’t help wonder if this is a HUGE MISTAKE.    As you are well aware, many decisions are market driven and Gardner has been a very favorable place to do business, arguably the lower fees have actually made money for Gardner and contributed to Gardner’s success.   So many wonder, what is Gardner’s secret ingredient for success?  Arguably, the current fee structure is one of several favorable ingredients.  I urge you to leave well enough alone and convince the City Council not to increase any fees.  In fact, publicizing your realization that maybe leaving fees as is until at least 2030 would be a great move.

Werner Poegel, Publisher.