Motor vehicle accident route 2 on 2-1-22

Gardner MA Fire Department Responds to 5 Car Motor Vehicle Accident.

From Gardner Fire 2-2-22 “Yesterday morning around 07:30, Gardner Fire Group 2 responded to Rt. 2 Eastbound for an MVA. On arrival they had a 5 car MVA, with one car rolled over on its roof in the middle of the highway.

Gardner Fire apparatus were immediately positioned to shut the highway down to protect the civilians out on the highway and those still in the vehicles involved in the crash. In total, 9 people were involved in the accident with only one being transported to Heywood Hospital with minor injuries. Rt. 2 was shut down for about two hours until the vehicles could be towed away. A group recall was requested for station coverage while the on duty Fire and EMS crews were operating on Route 2.”