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Today Gardner’s FREE YouTube channel has 517 subscribers. Let’s have a Goal: 2000 subscribers by February 1 and you can help by subscribing.  So why subscribe to the City of Gardner FREE YouTube channel?  Are there Superheroes? Well, sometimes you hear about heroes around the Chair City.   Is there conflict?  Well, sometimes City Councilors discuss various issues, but they are usually very civil.   Is there news?  Sure, lots of info about what’s going on in Gardner. Is there romance? Not really.  But many times various officials compliment one another. Is their action? Yes, every week on various issues affecting you. Is there drama? Sometimes the excitement of various issues unfolding is the vote of  yeas and nays.  Is there encouragement? Yes.  Is there prayer? Yes, usually at the beginning and end of City Council meetings. For the channel, CLICK HERE