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Supply Chain Issues Not Affecting Consumer to Consumer Used Junk in Greater Gardner MA

We’ve all heard about the Supply Chain issues affecting New car and electronics prices.  But what about junk?  Is regularly priced junk now high priced junk?  A cursory look on Craigslist says no.  For example, on the Worcester County site,  if you’re willing to buy a box full you can get 3 music cds or 3 VHS tapes for about a dollar,  cassette tapes for about a quarter, DVD’s for about 50 cents (more or less).

In appliances, you could get an almost new washer and dryer pair for 500 bucks, a like new fridge for under 300 bucks, or even a Roomba robot vacuum for 100 dollars.  If you want to save money on baby and kids stuff, there were about 500 listings.   Even the FREE stuff hasn’t gone up in price due to inflation.  There are about 300 listings for FREE things.  We even saw a beautiful antique-style couch being sold for Zero, as in FREE.   So if it doesn’t have to be perfect or BRAND NEW, and sometimes if you don’t mind paying NOTHING at all,  the Supply Chain of Used Junk (Stuff) is very healthy and budget friendly.