We used this old graphic so you could not guess at what location I had the problem. I also made sure they had posted an “out of order” sign before running this article.

Some Compressed Air Stations Not Working in Greater Gardner MA

This publisher had his own experience today at a Greater Gardner area location after finding a few out of order due to the cold weather. The air didn’t work, but unlike most locations, it wasn’t posted as out of order. When I reported it and asked for my money back, I found out that an employee knew it wasn’t working. The location manager asked me to look on the side of the machine, get the number to get a refund. I had to call the owner who is known for integrity – the owner called the manager and told him to refund what I paid and to put out a sign so no other folks would get cheated. I’m not mentioning the location because 1. They ultimately did the right thing and 2. Gardner Magazine is about being positive. 3. If we can’t say something nice about a business, we just don’t say it, period. Here’s what I told the manager of the location. It doesn’t make sense to lose customers over a small amount of money. I would have refunded the customer immediately, posted an out-of-order sign immediately, and gotten the location’s money back from the third party vendor. In the end, it’s a really good customer service lesson for any retailer in a similar situation.