Gardner MA Jabbery

As many of us spend more time indoors during winter, it’s time for January Jabbery.   Time to seek out new social media groups to communicate just about anything to just about anyone.  Time to flex your ideas and discover new subject matter.  

January Jabbery is sometimes about utter gibberish, nonsense, or idle chatter.  Or it could morph into intelligent communication to further your positive goals for the rest of the year.   You could take your January Jalopy and drive to the corner store for January Java.  In any case, we wish you January Joy with your January Job, your after work January Jog, if you get the vaccine – your January Jab, warmth in your January Jackets, and we hope you stay out of trouble so you’re not a January Jerk in a January Jam.  January, we’ll jet through it in a jiffy. (31 days)  Jot that down. Jeez… That’s January journaling, justifiably!