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Budget Dog would like to share some tips for saving money in the New Year!


Cable TV

If you like your current channel lineup, it may be possible to have your cake and eat it too, that is, keep everything you like and save money in one of four ways: 1. Cable companies often will give you a two year contract agreement which could save you $20, $30 per month or more.  2. Talk to the customer solutions department, sometimes known as retention.  Very often your cost will be lowered. 3. Go with basic cable or with internet only and make up the difference with any of a number of streaming services which are often less expensive than a cable package and offer the same channels. 4. Use on over-the-air antenna to get local channels.  Not sure if they’ll come in where you live? There’s an easy, NO COST way to find  out.   First find out the exact latitude and longitude for your address at latlong.net  CLICK HERE.   Then go to TV Fool.com, input those figures and you’ll find out the tv stations which can be picked up at your address.  CLICK HERE.        You can buy a TV antenna at a local store or online for anywhere from $35 to $100.