The City of Gardner MA’s YouTube channel is a great source of information about the Chair City. Residents find out about things almost as fast as they happen. CLICK HERE.

Gardner MA Free TV Deal

It’s time to tell you about the City of Gardner FREE TV deal!  Yes, the City of Gardner has a FREE TV channel on YouTube.  Monthly cost: FREE.  You receive instant updates whenever new content appears. You get access to Gardner City Council meetings to learn where your money’s going, a front-row seat to the Weekly Mayor’s update, Freebie extras like the MassWorks Grant Awardees Ceremony, and intriguing  FREE nuggets like the Finance Committee, Zoning Board, License, Golf, Airport, Aging, New Building Committee, and so much more!  It’s worth 100’s, but to you it’s FREE!  You can even give a  FREE gift subscription, just share the link, CLICK HERE