An Historical Find!

You don’t want to miss this! We’ve discovered some bargain Christmas gifts at the Gardner Museum on Pearl Street. One-of-a-kind history gifts for the holidays at affordable prices for everyone starting at $1.  

  Anyone Polish in your family? Get them a silver polish bottle from the 1930s.  It’s 5 bucks.  Remember Goodnow Pearson’s with a Christmas pin.   It’s 10 bucks.   How about a Gardner Historical Landmarks mug? All for the giant price of… 5 bucks.  Now, for a great stocking stuffer: Pick up a Gardner News water bottle for just 1 dollar.   How about an Argus yearbook, there’s hundreds to choose from at just 5 bucks each.   For history buffs, an 1880 Gardner map for just 5 bucks.    There’s so much more, and it’s all affordable.  

Don’t miss the Holiday history deals at the Gardner Museum on Pearl Street in Gardner. Website link, CLICK HERE

The best of both worlds! Support a great local non-profit which preserves Gardner’s history and pick up some great holiday gifts. Wow!