Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
Who’s On First Abbott and Costello 3/24/1938

Who’s on First Communication Follies

Sometimes today’s news feels like the communication follies with many newsmakers seemingly not knowing “Who’s on First”. So, we found the classic routine of Abbott and Costello and have it available for you to enjoy at left.

The routine reminds me of the rift in true idea exchange which is occurring today with Americans disconcerted over the repeated disparaging comments coming from all political circles. Just like this comedic routine of 83 years ago, people are not listening to one another, creating a frustrating atmosphere for them and the public they serve. Would it be so hard to really listen, learn, reflect, and then better problem solve?

Listen to this classic sketch and you’ll understand what we mean.

Maybe by listening to the genuine concerns of others we can better find common ground and then ultimately common solutions.